Google Ads Campaign Management Services for Getting Noticed & Leads on a Small Budget

Small and developing businesses seeking an economical solution will find our managed services for Google search advertising to be quite beneficial.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can assist your company in reaching qualified leads that convert into sales in a timely manner. If you want to get the most out of your sponsored advertising efforts, think about using Google Ads management services. You can get the most out of your advertising budget and campaign performance by working with a team of experts.

  • No long-term agreements
  • Reduce expenses as much as you can
    attract new clients on a daily basis
Google Ads Campaign Graphical and numeric Results
Google Ads Campaign Graphical and numeric Results
Google Ads Campaign Graphical and numeric Results

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Your sponsored search marketing campaign will be successful thanks to our Google Ads management experts.​

We at Tech Fridge manage your Google Ads (formerly AdWords) account, focusing on keywords that direct traffic to your website. The Most Economical Way to Find Clients Looking for Exactly What You Offer Is Determined by Highly Targeted Keyword Research. Using strong research tools, industry experience, and meeting your target cost per lead or sale are the main goals we have in mind when developing successful paid search campaigns. You may assist highly motivated buyers who might not find your site through traditional (organic) search engine optimization (SEO) techniques by investing in Google Ads. We are the top Google AdWords firm that drives campaign performance because of the combination of our in-house Ads Management team, CRO, copy, and design experts.

Get your desired leads with Google PPC Campaigns

keyword research and other factors like promotion, traffic growth, search engine rankings, traffic and lead quality, link building, and content topic which affects the ranking of website

Keyword Research & Competitor Ads Analysis

Effective keyword selection is the cornerstone of each successful bid. To develop a Google AdWords campaign that increases sales and yields a profit, we will investigate competitor keywords and market trends.

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Campaign Creation & Ad Copy Creation

We’ll develop the ad copy, set up your Ads campaign, and adjust all the settings. We’ll build and tweak a number of ad variations in order to maximize conversion rates.
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Detailed Reporting & Team Meetings

We will offer you a comprehensive report every month that details our plans for the upcoming month and what we accomplished with Ads Manager. Additionally, we’ll arrange a review call for your team and ours.

Our Google Ads management team will:

Research your industry

Plan your campaign

Write your ad copy

Write your ad copy Design your conversion-optimized landing pages

Setup and launch your campaign

Proactively adjust your bids

Track your conversions

Report on your campaign performance

We're a Premier Google Partner Company & Expert Google Ads agency with Specialists Certified in all Major Areas

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Attract your ideal buyers with Google Ads

Advertising on Google’s first page to those who express interest in precisely what your company offers will bring in more leads.

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Ads Management

Put your trust in our team to handle the tedious task of making sure your advertisements appear when prospective customers are looking for your goods and services.

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Campaign Optimization

Over the past ten years, our qualified advertising specialists have managed and optimized over 500 campaigns.

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Campaign Support

Because of our managed service, actual people are working on your campaign and are available to help.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Your advertising budget will be determined by your goals, schedule, industry, and competitors. There won’t be a Pronto invoice; Google will get payment directly. With Google Ads Express, you can begin with a little budget, but for Google Ads, we advise starting with at least $1,000/m. Please let us know if you would prefer to begin with a lower budget as there is some flexibility in this regard.

We provide a very reasonably priced $200 Google Audit service if you’re unsure of how much you should set aside for Google Ads. We’ll run a competitor study, estimate your monthly Google AdWords budget, and evaluate your Google presence depending on the services and keywords you want to target.

We’ll offer you a comprehensive report on your efforts every month. You can also see information about the performance of your campaigns by logging into your Google Ads or Analytics accounts.

Even if landing pages aren’t explicitly included in this service, we’re pleased to make them for you if we believe they will help your efforts. Regretfully, Google does not permit landing pages on the Google Ads Express platform, therefore this is limited to Google Ads packages.

We are unable to guarantee the quantity of leads you will receive. Simply put, there are simply too many moving parts for us to ensure that. Having said that, our objective is to send targeted visitors and leads to your website; in the end, we’ll assess the effectiveness of your campaigns depending on the amount of money you spend generating a new lead.

It takes time to develop a profitable Google Ads campaign. We’ll have enough data once a campaign has been operating for at least three months to make the required corrections and determine an exact return on investment.

a hand having FAQ's and question mark on it